What is my withdrawal amount?

The withdrawal amount is the amount that you can withdraw to your bank account from your trading account. Withdrawal amount may differ from the Net Margin Available as the cash received from selling equity shares and F&O trades takes T+1 day to settle in your trading account by the exchange.

Further, the withdrawal balance may change, post-market closing, if you have traded during the day. This is because all the brokerage, charges, and obligations get updated after the market typically between 5 pm to 8 pm. Even the shares sold which were pledged may affect the final withdrawal balance.

The best thing you can do is to wait for 1 day and check your withdrawal balance the next day after all the adjustments.


▪ If you made Pay-in during the day, it would be available for trading, but you can withdraw the same next day once all the settlement and reconciliation is done.