Why is my withdrawable amount negative?

Withdrawal amount is the amount which is freely available to transfer from your trading account to your bank account. see, How do I withdraw money from my trading account?

In order to know why your withdrawal amount is negative, you must know about the rolling settlement.

Rolling settlement refers to a system in which the settlement of securities transactions, such as stock trades, is done on a T+1 (trade date plus one day) basis, with a rolling period for the settlement of trades. This means that trades executed on any day are settled one business day after the trade date. This system is used in many stock markets worldwide, including in India and the United States.

In simple words, if you sell the stocks today, the proceeds from the sale will be settled after one trading day. However, you can utilize the proceeds to buy other shares on the same day. Learn more on rolling settlement, here. You will be able to withdraw the funds once it is finally settled in your trading account.

Now, before the settlement, the amount shows as negative. This does not mean your balance is negative. This is the amount which is still in the process of settlement (as per rolling settlement). Once it is settled, it will be positive under the withdrawal amount.


▪ Negative balance does not mean that your trading account is in debit. It means that the amount is in the process of being settled.

▪ Your withdrawal request will be rejected when your withdrawal amount is negative because you can only place the request once your amount is settled according to the rolling settlement.