Why was my payout request rejected?

  • Unsettled Funds - Indian exchange follows T+1 settlement cycle which means if you sold your shares today or exit your position from F&O trades, the proceeds will be settled on the next day. However, the proceeds will be available for trading immediately. In the case of intraday trades also your proceeds will be available for withdrawal only after charging brokerage, fees, and tallying the obligation amount which is done around 5 pm to 9 pm.

    The best thing is to wait at least one day and initiate the withdrawal request the next day after all the settlement is done.

  • Unreconciled Funds - If you have added the funds today, they are available for trading immediately but can only be withdrawn the next day after the reconciliation process is done.
  • Increased Margin Requirement - Another reason why your payout request is rejected is due to an increase in margin requirement probably because you didn’t square off your option position on the day of expiry and it was an In The Money Option which caused an increase in margin requirement.

All in all, your payout request will only be rejected if the amount is not freely available for withdrawal. So, it is advisable to check the withdrawal amount available before initiating the withdrawal request.